By Yung Pueblo

Love cannot cause pain; attachments cause pain. When the attachments that we create in our minds break, we feel their rupture deeply, how deeply depends on how much we identify with the image that we have created. An image or an attachment is a figure we create in our minds of our own idea of how something is, how things should be, or how we want things to be with a particular person.

Ultimately, attachments are when we want things to be a certain way. When things happen contrary to these images that we hold dear in our minds we feel pain from these attachments being stretched and broken.

Attachments are not a form of true love. Unconditional love, selfless love, a love without expectations is a higher form of existence that creates no attachments or images, it is a state of profound egolessness. Expectations and judgements are attachments that the untrained mind repeatedly creates, causing more knots and burdens that impede us from happiness. The typical human mind is eclipsed by the delusion of ego, the ego separates, categorizes, and labels everything that it comes across, causing our own discontent and misunderstanding.

To live egolessly is a journey that requires much patience, it is truly a long road, but with training the mind can become more accustomed to existing without creating as many images, attachments, and generally being less inclined to making expectations and judgments. Through the releasing of these attachments the mind becomes less burdened and is able to love more freely and live more happily.

This is why so many sages say, if you want to be free, if you want to be happy, one must learn to let go. The attachments we release allow space for wisdom and unconditional love to blossom and flourish. One of the best ways I know of to train the mind and release attachments is through meditation. What are some of the ways you go about releasing attachments?

Sending love to all beings.









Diego Perez (Yung Pueblo)
Meditator . Writer . Speaker &
Author of the Book Inward

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