By J. Lazarus 

Have you ever truly taken a look at yourself and asked what you use as excuses in your life. Recently, I injured my ankle exercising and the first thing that went through my head was “I guess I’ll have to take some time off working out”. However, as I thought about it throughout the day, I began to remember other experiences I had throughout my life and I realized I was just forming an excuse and giving myself a reason for it to be okay to fail.

To understand this you would have to know where I am on my journey through life, so first let me share a bit about that. Currently, I have set out on a journey to become a better human, including all that the means to me. I have started a program of yoga, running, weights, meditation and eating healthy in the goal of bettering my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self. For me this has been a long time coming and while I know all the tools, there was always a reason that it just would not work for me to succeed with these goals. Happy to say that a few months ago, after I first met Lisa, Founder of Alkamye, I had some realizations about myself. With her help I put together a plan to change who I am.

In the last 3 months I have seen amazing changes, firstly in the physical, I have dropped 25 lbs and it has been very easy this time. My energy is through the roof and I always want to get out and do something or see people. On the mental side, I am more driven than I have ever been towards my goals, I’m releasing things about myself I didn’t know, working through a lot in my personal life and having amazing experiences dealing with the universe around me. Things just seem to be happening in my life, leading me on an incredible new journey. Part of that now being asked to be a contributor to Alkamye, which I am very excited about. 

This being said, I have found myself at this point before, having put in enough work to start to see real results in my physical life at least. However, this time it has been different, as I have been working not just on the physical but the mental side of why I had found it so hard to achieve the goals I wanted to see. It wasn’t until I hurt myself that I really understood what my problem had been and why I had not been successful in other attempts. In the past while I knew what I needed to do to reach my goals, I would always get to a point and then I would find an excuse, a reason I had to take a break from a great workout routine. It could have been that after six months staying at home working with a trainer I had to travel and then use the excuse that I couldn’t work out on the road. Or when I was up to running thirteen miles training for the Las Vegas Marathon and tore my hamstring it was always the same thing, I gave myself the okay to fail. I would tell myself it wasn’t my fault, it was completely out of my control.

After the last few months of working on myself and having great success, I injured myself. I immediately fell into my old ways, telling myself it wasn’t my fault and thinking what can I do…. I have to give up, right? Lucky for me I have not only been working on my body, but I have also been working on my mind and how I think. Thanks to that, I quickly discovered something about myself. I have this long standing trail of excuses that I have used throughout my life that has been keeping me from accomplishing my goals. I had to take an honest look at myself and be okay with the fact that I had given up in the past and that it had been a pattern that while I told myself I had no power to fix, I was the only one with the power to do just that. And this time it wasn’t hard at all, I just had to see it and keep on my path. Now that I see there really are no excuses any more, I am applying this to all aspects of my life. Not just getting my physical body in shape, but the mental and emotional stuff too and its changing the way I look at everything. Life may throw obstacles in my path, but as long as I don’t let myself make excuses, I will keep moving towards the goals I set for myself, I will keep moving forward.

So I ask you to take an honest look at yourself and ask… what are your excuses. Why aren’t you reaching the goals you set for yourself? Is it simply that you are sabotaging your own motivation to succeed? Give up your excuses!!