By Lisa Marchant

When we cultivate a mindset of gratitude, it keeps our focus on the positive things that are happening in life. It may not always seem like it, but good things are happening every day. When we focus on these things it provides inspiration and raises our vibration. I love to start my day by aligning with my intentions and recalling all the things that I am grateful for. You can easily do this with meditation and a gratitude log or by silently expressing what you are grateful for. First thing in the morning, is the ideal time to set your intentions for the day and to appreciate all the good in your life. I like to believe that everything that happens is for my highest good. This changes my perspective a lot.

Part of my morning practice includes sending love to my partner, my friends and family, my dog, to the people on the planet who need it most, and to myself. We are energy and we are all connected by the source that is within us, therefore when we send love to another person or animal, they will recieve it. Recently, I read (Wayne Dyer) that when we hold positive energy within ourselves, that positive energy has the ability to raise the energy of thousands of people around us. How cool is that!

There is no shortage of things that I am grateful for. But this was not always the case. If you have trouble finding things to be grateful for, or if you have a hard time feeling gratitude, you can start with simple things like being grateful for the perfect cup of coffee, a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, and people who love you. From there you can move on to cultivating gratitude for each new day, and for the fact that you get to experience life on earth at this moment and time. We get so caught up that we take this for granted, but there are people among us who will never see tomorrow. Life is a precious gift and should be treasured.

We live in such exciting times and have access to incredible knowledge, technology and human experiences. Plus, the spiritual shift on our planet is happening on a bigger scale than ever before.

Our body is miraculous. It automatically performs thousands of functions at once and supports us every single day, without any effort on our part. Our body is capable of extraordinary measures, whether it be performance, healing, or intuition to guide us. And what about the air we breathe? What about the sun, gravity, clean water and soil. These are things that most people take for granted and never even think about, but without them we would not exist.

By dwelling on the things you are grateful for, you will not only inspire yourself but others. When gratitude is a daily practice, it becomes natural, and pretty soon you will find gratitude in every moment.