By Latarria Whitehead

Without a question there cannot be an answer and so I ask myself often, what is it that I want, how is it that I want to feel during any given moment, and deliberately I try to move in that direction. Like anything else, it all takes practice, patience and perseverance. Life for me is about moving through contrast, exploring and coming to greater clarity about what it is that I want, by way of recognizing the things that I don’t.

There was a point in my life, many points actually when I was faced with what I often refer to as an internal ugly. The ugly that’s capable of holding you hostage to your bed convincing you that you are better off, safer right in that space. A debilitating ugly. The kind that makes your insides twist and knot in utter discomfort. The kind of ugly that leads you to question everything you thought you knew, grow angry for the lack of everything you didn't.

Like so many, it was during these dark moments where the discovery of the truth about myself led to healing that could not have come through any other way than through these dark troubled parts of my life. It was during these times where I questioned everything: my purpose, my beliefs, my morals. I was curious and eager to mold myself into the confident, secure, knowing woman that I would often catch glimpses of but couldn’t quite grasp and sustain. I would say this was the beginning of my spiritual journey. The yearning to delve deeper than what was presented to me on the surface. My driving force was the “whys”, and so I explored, I dug, I healed from the trauma, the self-destruction, the unknowingness of my own worth.

So many enlightening and awakening moments I’ve experienced through primarily yoga, meditation, prayer, stillness, and my readings but there’s one realization that I refer to often. It’s the realization that there is not one person on the planet who is strong enough, steady enough, and capable of giving me enough attention 24/7, every waking second of the day to fill whatever void I create or perpetuate by misunderstanding the whole of who I am at my core. So I use my tools, to assist me in creating the experiences that helps to nurture and expand my entire being.

Bio: I write, I travel and I explore on all physical planes. I am a certified yoga instructor; a practice I began a few years ago to supplement my journey through healing and a deeper spiritual experience.

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